1. What types of vehicles do you accept?
  2. We accept cars, boats, motorcycles, Jet skis, snowmobiles, busses, trucks
  3. Do you accept non-runners-even cars that have been sitting and not running for a long time?
  4. Yes, we do-although we exclude vehicles that have been "totaled" in an accident or vehicles that are missing the 4 tires
  5. Will you accept vehicles with mechanical problems or engines that aren't running?
  6. Yes! Most cars have some type of value- In many cases we call sell these types of cars for parts.
  7. How much will I receive as a tax donation for my vehicle?
  8. The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction 2 ways: vehicles sold for under $500 and vehicles sold for over $500
    Vehicles that sell from $1-$499
    Donor receives a $499 tax write (it doesn't matter if the car sells for $5 Or $499- write-off is $499)
    *The IRS requires Cars for Kids to send you a tax donation letter for documentation
    Vehicles that sell for $500 – above
    Donor receives exact amount the car sells for as the write-off
    *The IRS requires Cars For Kids to send you a tax donation letter and tax form 1098© for documentation
    Cars for Kids is a 501©3 charity. Your accountant or tax adviser will assist you with how to determine the amount of your benefit.
    Tax deductions are beneficial only if the donor itemizes deductions For more information, contact the IRS.
  9. Is there a charge for pickup or any other charges?
  10. No! Everything is free for the donor!
  11. How quickly can the car be picked up?
  12. We can almost always pickup your vehicle within 24-72 hours.
  13. What if I can't find the title to the car?
  14. We can almost always pickup your vehicle without a title. In fact, if you have lost or misplaced your title, in most cases Cars for Kids will pay for the replacement title!
  15. Will you pickup the car if the donor is not at home?
  16. Yes- we just need to make sure we get the keys and title with the car.
  17. Where do you pickup vehicles?
  18. We pickup vehicles in:
    • Chicago, Illinois Metro area
    • Texas - including Central Texas (between Austin and San Antonio), Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex area and North Houston
    • Florida - Pensacola, Jacksonville
    • South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia - (areas off I-85 between Charlotte and Atlanta
    • Pennsylvania - Pittsburg
    • Ohio - northeastern areas
    • West Virginia - northwestern area
    • Oklahoma - Tulsa
    • Georgia - Cartersville
  19. What do I do with the title?
  20. Sign on the signature of seller line "exactly" as the name appears on the title
  21. What do I give to the tow truck driver?
  22. The car, keys and title.
  23. What type of receipt do I receive from the tow truck driver?
  24. The receipt acknowledges your vehicle donation and we ask you to keep that until you receive your tax letter. The tax letter usually follows about 4-6 weeks after donation. (IRS requires sale transaction to be complete before tax letter can be sent)
  25. Should I remove plates, city stickers?
  26. Yes, if you need help usually the tow truck driver will assist if necessary.
  27. Can I donate a vehicle if my husband or relative has died and they own the vehicle?
  28. Yes, you can as long as you have a copy of the death certificate and proof you inherited the vehicle.
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